Ticket Management
Email ticketing
Reusable replies with canned responses
Automatic email notifications
Custom ticket views
Add tags to tickets, solutions and contacts
Merge tickets
Split tickets
Add public and private notes to tickets
Add watchers to a ticket
Traffic cop
Assume identity of other agents
Send outbound email
Export tickets
Time tracking
Integrated customer satisfaction surveys
Ticket templates
Agent collision detection
One contact multiple companies
Multi-channel Support
Standard Phone Channel
Advanced Phone Channel
Multiple incoming and outgoing mailboxes
Standard Twitter channel
Advanced Twitter channel
Standard Facebook channel
Advanced Facebook channel
Freshdesk's Integrated Live Chat
Facebook in-sync app
Helpdesk Automation
Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch'r
Time-triggered automations using Supervisor
Event-triggered workflow automations with the Observer
Multi-task workflows with one-touch Scenario automations
Email commands
Automatic ticket assignment within group (Round robin)
Automatic ticket assignment within group (Load balanced)
SLA Management
Business rules management through SLAs
SLA reminders
Escalation email for SLA violation
Multiple business hours
Multiple SLA policies
Product, group and company level SLAs
Email to knowledge-base
Ability to edit meta title, description and keywords
Suggested solutions
Community Forums
Mobile Customer Support
Freshdesk for iOS
Freshdesk for Android
Mobile optimized HTML5 app
Global Support
Multilingual Knowledge Base
Dynamic email notifications
Multiple time-zones
Product level knowledge-base and community forums
Ticket Forms
Customizable ticket forms
Dependent fields in ticket forms
Customizable popup and embedded Feedback widget
Dynamic ticket forms
Agent and group performance
Helpdesk in-depth report
Ticket drill down in reports
Performance distribution
Ticket volume trend
Top customer analysis
Export reports
Save reports
Schedule reports
Role based dashboards
Custom apps
Public customer portal customization
Custom domain mapping
Full CSS customization
Customizable agent roles
Complete layout customization
Access to FreshThemes gallery
Single Sign On
Single Sign On with SAML
Advanced password policy for agents and customers
Custom SSL certificates (one free)
Helpdesk Restriction
IP Whitelisting
Custom Email Servers
Access to App Gallery
Survey & feedback apps
Time tracking and invoicing tools
Cloud telephony integration app
Custom apps


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